‘Sha Na Na’ Star Supports Martha Robertson

Reprinted from FOX 40 WICZ.

If you’re a fan of doo wop then you probably know all about the popular seventies band Sha Na Na.

Tonight the band’s infamous “Bowzer” was in Owego to show his support for Congressional Candidate Martha Robertson.

As the candidate for District 23, Robertson is fighting for the rights of seniors in the Southern Tier.

“Bowzer” spoke about the importance of senior benefits and of course played a little bit of music.

Bowzer says, “Martha Robertson’s policies use as the start point that we are going to help Americans retire with greater dignity and independence and lets work from there.”

Martha Robertson, candidate for Congress says, “This is not just about current retirees, it’s about all generations. My children and grandchildren need to be able to depend on these programs just as much as my mother did. It’s an issue that’s about basic fairness.”

In addition to advocating for senior rights Robertson plans to bring jobs back to the area if elected this fall.

VIEW VIDEO courtesy of WICZ